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SB98 by Stroebel (Detail)
SB139 by Stafsholt (Detail)
SB312 by Wimberger (Detail)
SB736 by Tomczyk (Detail)
SR5 by Hesselbein (Detail)
SB932 by Ballweg (Detail)
SB52 by Jacque (Detail)
SB70 by Joint Committee on Finance (Detail)
SB158 by Cabral-Guevara (Detail)
SB186 by Joint Legislative Council (Detail)
SB187 by Joint Legislative Council (Detail)
SB188 by Joint Legislative Council (Detail)
SB216 by Stafsholt (Detail)
SB217 by Stafsholt (Detail)
SB335 by Stroebel (Detail)
SB436 by Tomczyk (Detail)
SB466 by Stafsholt (Detail)
SB518 by Marklein (Detail)
SB549 by Cabral-Guevara (Detail)
SB613 by Tomczyk (Detail)
SB688 by Stroebel (Detail)
SB836 by Wanggaard (Detail)
SB916 by Tomczyk (Detail)
SB933 by Cabral-Guevara (Detail)
SB971 by Stroebel (Detail)
SE3 SB1 by Committee on Senate Organization (Detail)

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