3/12/2024 Regular Session, 2023 - 2024 Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly Bill 377

Relating clause:

designating athletic sports and teams operated or sponsored by public schools or private schools participating in a parental choice program based on the sex of the participants.

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Senate Read a second time 03/12
Senate Ordered to a third reading 03/12
Senate Rules suspended to give bill its third reading LeMahieu 03/12
Senate Read a third time and concurred in, Ayes 21, Noes 11 03/12
Senate Ordered immediately messaged LeMahieu 03/12

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Assembly Introduced by Representatives Dittrich, Rettinger, Callahan, Magnafici, Binsfeld, O'Connor, Gundrum, Gustafson, Maxey, Bodden, Penterman, Armstrong, Brandtjen, Tusler, S. Johnson, Sapik, Macco, Rozar, Green, Schmidt, Allen, Behnke, Duchow, Hurd, Tittl, Nedweski, Schraa, Wichgers, Edming, Sortwell, Donovan and Murphy; cosponsored by Senators Knodl, Quinn, Marklein, Hutton and Tomczyk 08/11/2023
Assembly Read first time and referred to Committee on Education 08/11/2023
Assembly Representative Melotik added as a coauthor 10/03/2023
Assembly Public hearing held 10/04/2023
Assembly Executive action taken 10/10/2023
Assembly Report passage recommended by Committee on Education, Ayes 9, Noes 4 10/10/2023
Assembly Referred to calendar of 10-12-2023 pursuant to Assembly Rule 45 (1) 10/10/2023
Assembly Read a second time 10/12/2023
Assembly Ordered to a third reading 10/12/2023
Assembly Rules suspended August 10/12/2023
Assembly Read a third time and passed, Ayes 63, Noes 35 10/12/2023
Assembly Ordered immediately messaged Plumer 10/12/2023
Senate Received from Assembly 10/12/2023
Senate Read first time and referred to committee on Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, Children and Families 10/13/2023
Senate Public hearing held 12/13/2023
Senate Executive action taken 03/07/2024
Senate Report concurrence by Committee on Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, Children and Families, Ayes 2, Noes 3 03/07/2024
Senate Available for scheduling 03/07/2024
Senate Placed on calendar 3-12-2024 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1) 03/11/2024
Assembly Received from Senate concurred in 03/12/2024
Assembly Report correctly enrolled on 3-18-2024 03/18/2024
Assembly Presented to the Governor on 3-29-2024 03/29/2024
Assembly Report vetoed by the Governor on 4-2-2024 04/02/2024