3/8/2022 Regular Session, 2021 - 2022 Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly Bill 1007

Relating clause:

right of health care providers to express professional opinions related to health or medical information or guidance.

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Senate Referred to committee on Senate Organization LeMahieu 03/08

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Assembly Introduced by Representatives Moses, Sortwell, Allen, Armstrong, Brandtjen, Brooks, Horlacher, James, Rozar, Schraa, Thiesfeldt and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senator Nass 02/16/2022
Assembly Read first time and referred to Committee on Constitution and Ethics 02/16/2022
Assembly Public hearing held 02/17/2022
Assembly Executive action taken 02/17/2022
Assembly Report passage recommended by Committee on Constitution and Ethics, Ayes 6, Noes 3 02/22/2022
Assembly Referred to committee on Rules 02/22/2022
Assembly Made a special order of business at 9:21 AM on 2-23-2022 pursuant to Assembly Resolution 29 02/22/2022
Assembly Read a second time 02/23/2022
Assembly Ordered to a third reading 02/23/2022
Assembly Rules suspended Steineke 02/23/2022
Assembly Read a third time and passed, Ayes 60, Noes 36, Paired 2 02/23/2022
Assembly Ordered immediately messaged Steineke 02/23/2022
Senate Received from Assembly 02/23/2022
Senate Read first time and referred to committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform 02/24/2022
Senate Public hearing held 03/01/2022
Senate Executive action taken 03/03/2022
Senate Report concurrence recommended by Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform, Ayes 3, Noes 2 03/03/2022
Senate Available for scheduling 03/03/2022
Senate Placed on calendar 3-8-2022 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1) 03/04/2022
Senate Failed to concur in pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1 03/15/2022