3/8/2022 Regular Session, 2021 - 2022 Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly Bill 943

Relating clause:

cleanup of electronics recycling waste and making an appropriation.

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Senate Read a second time 03/08
Senate Ordered to a third reading 03/08
Senate Rules suspended LeMahieu 03/08
Senate Read a third time and concurred in, Ayes 31, Noes 0 03/08
Senate Ordered immediately messaged LeMahieu 03/08

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Assembly Introduced by Representatives Edming, Gundrum and B. Meyers; cosponsored by Senators Petrowski, Cowles, Bewley and Stroebel 02/02/2022
Assembly Read first time and referred to Committee on Environment 02/02/2022
Assembly Withdrawn from committee on Environment and referred to committee on State Affairs pursuant to Assembly Rule 42 (3)(c) 02/07/2022
Assembly Public hearing held 02/09/2022
Assembly Executive action taken 02/16/2022
Assembly Report passage recommended by Committee on State Affairs, Ayes 13, Noes 0 02/18/2022
Assembly Referred to joint committee on Finance 02/18/2022
Assembly Executive action taken 02/22/2022
Assembly Report passage recommended by Joint Committee on Finance, Ayes 16, Noes 0 02/22/2022
Assembly Referred to committee on Rules 02/22/2022
Assembly Made a special order of business at 9:10 AM on 2-23-2022 pursuant to Assembly Resolution 29 02/22/2022
Assembly Read a second time 02/23/2022
Assembly Ordered to a third reading 02/23/2022
Assembly Rules suspended Steineke 02/23/2022
Assembly Read a third time and passed, Ayes 96, Noes 0 02/23/2022
Assembly Ordered immediately messaged Steineke 02/23/2022
Senate Received from Assembly 02/23/2022
Senate Read first time and referred to committee on Senate Organization 02/24/2022
Senate Available for scheduling 02/24/2022
Senate Public hearing requirement waived by committee on Senate Organization, pursuant to Senate Rule 18 (1m), Ayes 3, Noes 2 03/04/2022
Senate Placed on calendar 3-8-2022 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1) 03/04/2022
Assembly Received from Senate concurred in 03/09/2022
Assembly Report correctly enrolled on 3-11-2022 03/11/2022
Assembly Presented to the Governor on 4-4-2022 by directive of the Speaker 04/04/2022
Assembly Report approved by the Governor on 4-8-2022. 2021 Wisconsin Act 234 04/08/2022
Assembly Published 4-9-2022 04/08/2022