3/23/2021 2021 Regular Session, 2021 - 2022 Wisconsin Legislature

Senate Bill 79

Relating clause:
monitoring extension and outreach hours of certain University of Wisconsin System faculty and academic staff who provide extension services in applied agricultural research.

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Assembly Rules suspended to withdraw from calendar and take up Steineke 03/23
Assembly Read a second time 03/23
Assembly Ordered to a third reading 03/23
Assembly Rules suspended Petersen 03/23
Assembly Read a third time and concurred in 03/23
Assembly Ordered immediately messaged Petersen 03/23

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Senate Introduced by Senators Marklein, Ballweg, Nass, Petrowski, Testin and Stroebel; cosponsored by Representatives Loudenbeck, Murphy, Novak, Tauchen, Tranel, VanderMeer, Oldenburg and Snyder 02/05/2021
Senate Read first time and referred to Committee on Agriculture and Tourism 02/05/2021
Senate Representative Edming added as a cosponsor 02/11/2021
Senate Representative Skowronski added as a cosponsor 02/16/2021
Senate Fiscal estimate received 02/17/2021
Senate Public hearing held 03/03/2021
Senate Senator Smith added as a coauthor 03/03/2021
Senate Executive action taken 03/09/2021
Senate Report passage recommended by Committee on Agriculture and Tourism, Ayes 8, Noes 1 03/09/2021
Senate Available for scheduling 03/09/2021
Senate Senate Amendment 1 offered by Senator Marklein 03/11/2021
Senate Placed on calendar 3-16-2021 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1) 03/12/2021
Senate Read a second time 03/16/2021
Senate Senate Amendment 1 adopted 03/16/2021
Senate Ordered to a third reading 03/16/2021
Senate Rules suspended LeMahieu 03/16/2021
Senate Read a third time and passed 03/16/2021
Senate Ordered immediately messaged LeMahieu 03/16/2021
Assembly Received from Senate 03/17/2021
Assembly Read first time and referred to committee on Rules 03/17/2021
Assembly Placed on calendar 3-23-2021 by Committee on Rules 03/17/2021
Assembly Representatives Steffen and Kurtz added as cosponsors 03/22/2021
Senate Received from Assembly concurred in 03/24/2021
Senate LRB correction 03/25/2021
Senate Report correctly enrolled 03/25/2021
Senate Presented to the Governor on 3-25-2021 03/25/2021
Senate Report approved by the Governor on 3-26-2021. 2021 Wisconsin Act 11 03/29/2021
Senate Published 3-27-2021 03/29/2021