3/8/2022 Regular Session, 2021 - 2022 Wisconsin Legislature


Executive Appointment:

Brianna Sas-Pérez of Milwaukee, as a Public Member on the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, to serve for the term ending January 1, 2023.

House Action Taken Legislator Date
Senate Read and referred to Committee on Housing, Commerce and Trade 11/19/2021
Senate Statement of economic interest received 11/19/2021
Senate Public hearing held 12/07/2021
Senate Executive action taken 02/09/2022
Senate Report confirmation recommended by Committee on Housing, Commerce and Trade, Ayes 5, Noes 0 02/09/2022
Senate Available for scheduling 02/09/2022
Senate Placed on calendar 3-8-2022 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1) 03/04/2022