1/21/2020 2019 Regular Session, 2019 - 2020 Wisconsin Legislature
Assembly Bill 119 - Action ordered immediately messaged
Relating clause:
grants to homeless shelters, modifying administrative rules promulgated by the Department of Administration, and making an appropriation.
Session activityNote: Bill history entries are subject to change after further proofing by Chief Clerk's staff

House Action Taken Legislator
S Senate Amendment 1 offered by Senator Nass
S Senate Amendment 2 offered by Senator Erpenbach
S Read a second time
S Refused to reject Senate Amendment 1, Ayes 14, Noes 19 Erpenbach
S Senate Amendment 1 adopted
S Senate Amendment 2 rejected, Ayes 17, Noes 14 Feyen
S Ordered to a third reading
S Rules suspended Fitzgerald
S Read a third time and concurred in as amended, Ayes 32, Noes 0
S Ordered immediately messaged Fitzgerald
A Received from Senate amended and concurred in as amended (Senate amendment 1 adopted)
A Senate Amendment 1 concurred in
A Action ordered immediately messaged